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The Other Side of Operation’s World: Monthly Kapehan and Pamisita sa Pamilya

Operation side, Prince Retail Group of Companies (PRG) with the help of our engaging People Care Operations (PCO) put together activities that further improve company-employee relationship through Monthly Kapehan and Pamisita sa Pamilya. All credits to our PCO team headed by its manager, Anecita Pama.
“Monthly Kapehan” is the Operation’s counter-part of the Corporate’s monthly “Café Rhea”. Monthly Kapehan is a way to boost employees’ morale and motivation while increasing productivity around the store. It’s also an opportunity to know our employees better while making them feel valued like a family.

Meanwhile, “Pamisita sa Pamilya” is another program of the PCO which aims to give thanks to our direct employees for their roles inside the store. A team composed of the Area Human Resources together with the Store Admin Supervisor will visit the home of the employee with a birthday cake. This usually happens on or before the employee’s birthday.

Generally, the employees feel lucky to be part of PRG because of these experiences which started in 2016. The said activities happen at all branches every month. – Jes Melencion