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PO Cash Bond Program

Be a PO Guarantor and start your business with as low as P3,000 and earn interest on your money that are much higher than the bank interest rates today! With every Prince PO Card worth P500 face value sold, you earn P25 (5%) commission right away. Requirements and other terms and conditions for this program are as follows:


  • P 3,000.00 – Minimum Cash Bond
  • 2 valid Government-issued ID
  • Barangay Clearance
  • 2pcs 1×1 picture



For PO guarantors:

  • Minimum cash bond is at Php 3,000.00
  • Commision – 5% for every PO Card consumed
  • Sales quota – 300% of cash bond amount to earn the highest interest bracket at the end of the year.
  • Interest on Dividends:
    • P 3,000 – P30,000 cash bond amount – 3% interest income
    • P 30,500 – P100,000 cash bond amount – 4% interest income
    • P 100,000 and above cash bond amount – 6% interest income
  • Penalty – 5% surcharge for late payments based on the unpaid amount due. Guarantors are given 7 days to pay their dues without penalty starting from the date of the Statement of Account (SOA). If paid on the 8th day onwards, penalty will be computed to start on the 1st day. Advance payments are highly encouraged to claim more PO Cards!


PO Cards:

  • Card fee of Php3.00 per card.
  • Check or Credit Card payment is not accepted for purchase of PO Cards.
  • Conversion of unused, torn or lost PO Cards to cash is not allowed.
  • Upon redemption, there is a 10% add-on only for Grocery items. NO Add-on for General Merchandise and Department Store items.


Cash Bond:

  • Payment of cash bond should be in increments of Php 500.00. Check or credit card payment is not allowed.
  • Partial withdrawal of cash bond is not allowed. Cash bond amount should never fall below Php 3,000.00
  • Request to transfer or offset cash bond to another guarantor is not allowed. It should go thru the process of withdrawal of cash bond, then deposit it as cash bond for the other guarantor.
  • Refund of cash bond will only be released 2 months after the date the letter of withdrawal was received by Accounting.
  • Check for cash bond refund will be named after the guarantor, unless otherwise specified on the letter of withdrawal.
  • For guarantors that are inactive or delinquent for 1 year, cash bond will be offset to outstanding account and the remaining balance will be forfeited in favor of the company.