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Prince Big Brother Program: A baby step towards bigger purpose

In its objective to ensure its employees the desirable support they need, Prince Retail Group of Companies (PRG) started a new program called “Prince Big Brother Program”.

Launched on April 12, 2018, this aims to support the newly hired employees in the company’s working environment through “buddy system”. Here’s how, on the first six months, the “buddy”, which is a participating employee with a regular status, will guide the newbie in having a full understanding of PRG’s values and culture. As a result, this helps the new ones to easily adapt the PRG environment. This also enhances the buddy’s ability to teach, show compassion and execute camaraderie towards its fellow employee.

With the support of the management and the People Care Corporate department, the program is set to reflect the company’s growing status as a family, taking baby steps towards bigger purpose. – Robs Villaflores