Prince Royalty Program

Upon sign up, customer can enjoy the following perks of being a Royalty Card holder.

Here are some terms for the availment of royalty deals.

1. No points shall be earned for Royalty Deals.

2. There is only a limited number of royalty deals available for purchase for every customer.

Get discounts on Wholesale Purchases.

(Applicable to Cash, Gift Check, Debit & PO Purchases).Wholesale purchase of bundled packs are not allowed.
Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice

To qualify for Royalty Gold, achieve the minimum accumulated qualifying purchase worth ₱300,000.00 to ₱999,999.99 PER YEAR.

    • Life and Healthy Insurance
        Maximum benefit limit subject to change every year.
      • VIP Experience thru Express Lane
        • Royalty Deals on Royalty Corner
            1. A customer can only avail 10 sets per variety per day.
          1. 2. No points shall be earned for Royalty Deals purchases.
      • Earn points while you shop!

Check points earning system below.

To qualify for the Royalty Platinum, achieve the minimum accumulated qualifying purchase worth ₱1,000,000.00 and up PER YEAR.Benefits:
    1. Life and Health Insurance
        1. Higher Maximum Benefit Limit than Royalty Gold subject to change every year
        1. Enroll one dependent, also with the same maximum benefit limits
      • The VIP Experiencethru Royalty Express Lane
      • Royalty Deals on the Royalty Corner.
1. Customer can only avail 20 sets per variety per day.No points shall be earned for Royalty Deals purchases.
      • Free Delivery
          1. City proper within 5 kilometers from the store.
        • 2. Maximum distance of 30 kilometers from the store or up to ports, terminals and waiting sheds.
        • Earn points while you shop!
Check points earning system below.
Terms & Conditions
  • Go to the Customer Service booth at any Prince Hypermart and fill up the application form.
  • Pay ₱80 for the permanent card, to be released instantly after payment.
  • Present ROYALTY CARD to the cashier for every sales transaction, and begin earning points.
  • New membership sign up for the Royalty Card Program = ₱80
  • Card replacement due to damaged or lost card = ₱80
  • Converting from the old Royalty card to the new Royalty card = ₱20
  • ₱200 for Grocery/Supermarket items = 1 point
  • ₱100 for General Merchandise/Department Store items = 1 point
  • ₱100 Cigarettes/Liquor/Wholesale = No points
    1. 1 Point =1 Peso. You can redeem points anytime as long as you use the Royalty card.
    1. PERKS
        1. Double your points on your


      1. 2. Special award items and privileges for members.


      1. 3. Priority for bundling and special promo packs.


      1. 4. Invitation to

ROYALTY Gathering

      1. and

ROYALTY Annual Convention

      1. .


      1. 5. Chance to be qualified for a

Grocery Loan

      1. .


      1. 6. Discounts on


      1. purchase.


      1. 7. No more temporary card but an instant Royalty card to be released right after sign up and payment.


      1. 8. Your personal information is safe with us.


      1. 9. Easy card replacement with an instant Royalty card upon payment.


      1. 10. Renewal fee (to be announced) can be paid through your Royalty points. Card and points expire every 2 years but membership is lifetime.

View and redeem your points anytime at our customer service booth,no more waiting! As long as you bring your Prince ROYALTY Card all the time, you can enjoy your shopping at Prince.


The Royalty Card and its points expires every 2 years but membership to the program is for a lifetime. Card Renewal fee will be announced later on.