Last Updated: July 8, 2019
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Management Accounting or any business related courses
  • Minimum of 2 years relevant work experience specializing in Auditing; in retail industry or similar duties
  • Behavioral Competencies:
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Supervision
  • Managing performance
  • Influence
  • Business Acumen
  • Resource Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Planning and Organization
  • Written communication
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Knowledge and Skills:
  • Attention to details
  • Technical Expertise
This job directly reports to the Operations Audit Manager and is responsible in assisting the manager in achieving the service level agreement of the department and directly supervising audit staffs in the performance of audit engagement. This also provides value-added recommendation and support to business partners on the creation or modification of policies, procedures, processes, products or services to ensure an appropriate level of internal control and compliance is maintained. This job requires at least two to three years working experience in Auditing preferable with background in retail industry.
  • Planning
  • Fieldwork
  • Manpower Monitoring and Development plan
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Performs other duties & responsibilities related to the job that maybe assigned from time to time.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy or Accounting
  • CPA
  • At least 1-2 year related working experience as a general accountant
  • Behavioral Competencies:
  • Keen to details
  • Capable in handling complaints and in listening to instructions
  • Good organizational skills
  • Motivated
  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge and Skills:
  • Analytical
  • Problem solving
  • Good communication skills both oral and written
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge in MS Applications
  • Accounting skills such as Journal entry, posting, account analysis
This job directly reports to the General Accounting Manager/Supervisor and is responsible in maintaining the accuracy, completeness, existence and confidentiality of transactions (especially the Financials); Reviews and analyzes the account transactions inputted in the system. This also investigates the why’s of unnecessary movements of the accounts, prepares dashboards and Tax reports after month ends, reviews backlogs, and solves the accounts which have prior GL impacts.
  • Initiates account analysis on PRG’s financials and its movement
  • Solves problems and processes improvements
  • Closing procedure every month end. (Cut off, completeness, Existence, Accuracy)
  • Prepares all statutory tax reports to BIR
  • Prepares monthly full-suite financial statements following the updated PFRS and management dashboards for the Board of Directors
  • Performs other related tasks as may be assigned from time to time
  • Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) or equivalent
  • Certified industrial engineer is an advantage but not preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years relevant work experience specializing in Business Process Management
  • Behavioral Competencies:
  • Administrative Recall
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Dependability
  • Initiative
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
This job directly reports to the Business Process Manager under the supervision of the Business Process Supervisor and is responsible in process mapping and business process reengineering, creation, documentation, maintenance, development and enhancement of business processes. This job analyses business process and workflows, facilitates process workshops and documents elicited information using process maps and business requirements documents. It may also involve in procedures documentation and presents new process designs to stakeholders based on ISO Standard procedures. The jobholder must be able to see the bigger picture of the operational processes in the organization by creating process model, identifying process improvements and has the ability to structure a large amount of information within a process framework, able to manage process changes efficiently and effectively, use of business process modelling tools, statistical tool, automation technologies, use of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Lean/six sigma continuous improvement methodology and other problem solving technique tools. The jobholder is also expected to educate/ train business users in business processes and provides feedback on process performance through audits and assessment. May provide other relevant tasks as maybe assigned from time to time.
  • Bachelor's Degree preferably in Management Accounting, Management, Business Administration or any related courses
  • Atleast 2-3 years experience specialized in leasing and contract management
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Background knowledge in leasing and contract management
  • Keen to details
  • With good communication skills both oral and written
  • Must be willing to travel if needed
  • College graduate, preferably in Computer Science or related fields
  • With atleast 6 years of relevant working experience
  • Knowledge and Skills:
  • Six years of relevant work experience in database administration
  • Experienced in retail, manufacturing, financials, distribution and supply chain applications
  • Proven ability to work in distributed systems
  • Proficient on database administration (Oracle RDBS 10/11G, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2)
  • Working knowledge on data warehouse and transactional systems
  • Must be able to develop creative solutions to problems
  • Proven analytical and problem solving skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and keen to details
Designs, plans, implement, manage database systems and programs and provide technical assistance in identifying problems, evaluating solutions and developing systems and procedures as they relate to database. He/she has the responsibility for administering several aspect of a project such as database structure and layout, installing, upgrading, device allocation and database information security. Deliver major projects and initiatives that support PRG database and application systems while establishing and maintaining effective business relationships with business units and other associates.
  • Maximize the value, quality, and usability of corporate information through the standardization of database configuration, accessibility procedures, and maintenance.
  • Minimize duplication in collecting, processing, storing, and distributing of data while ensuring and improving the quality, accuracy, and integrity of data.
  • Configure, install, test and maintain databases and their associated software such as version upgrades, patches and tools.
  • Monitor and manage database performance through tuning databases and related servers.
  • Improve data management and access through the use of existing and new methods, tools, and technologies. Provide 24/7 database and application support for all enterprise applications and ensure all related functions are operating on schedule.
  • Collaborates with IT Team from different locations for systems deployment, turn-over and delivery of key projects. Assist with the implementation of application database designs and assist in maintaining and monitoring multi-user database management system.
  • Ensure completeness and effectiveness of documentations of existing databases and its application interfaces.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Commerce or related courses
  • At least 2 years relevant work experience specializing in real estate, property acquisition, in a retail industry or similar fields
  • Behavioral Competencies: ● Administrative recall ● Problem solving ● Communication and Collaboration ● Dependability ● Initiative ● Attendance and Punctuality
  • Knowledge and Skills: ● Attention to details ● Technical Expertise ● Follow through
  • Identify potential new sites for the store by travelling nationwide
  • Develop creative strategies to close potential locations and sites
  • Presents to the top management the details of potential sites from time to time including the business establishments with the area
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