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Awards on Convention

Prince Retail Group of Companies recognizes those participants, delegates, and exhibitors who transcend during the event. For the two major conventions this year, Nestle, Unilever, and Virginia were the consistent Top 3 Royalties Choice awardees.

Aside from the exhibitors’ award, the organizing team also recognized the biggest delegation in respective regions making Argao and Sibonga as the two biggest delegations in Cebu last April 13 &14. The delegates from Hinigaran, La Carlota, and Sagay were the biggest delegation last June 9 during Bacolod Convention making Hinigaran branch as the history maker of achieving 170% growth of headcount versus last year.

Lastly, the contestants from Argao, Tuburan, and Talisay, Negros Occidental were announced as the Champions in Dance Palabas for Cebu and Bacolod. – Hershey S. Herrera