The Prince Retail Group of Companies’ vision is OTOP – ONE TOWN, ONE PRINCE.

We serve the base of the pyramid of the Philippine market, which comprises of more than 85% of the population. These underserved communities are the Filipinos who need our products and services the most. We offer to them the right and quality products at affordable prices in a convenient and comfortable shopping experience. With our affordable prices and personalized customer service, it is our vision to make a significant and sustainable positive impact in the lives of every Filipino in every town in the country.


The Prince Retail Group of Companies’ mission is TO SERVE THE UNDERSERVED.

  • We exist to provide significant value to every Filipino we serve – through more affordable, acceptable and available products for their everyday consumption and use, with a distinct personalized service to delight every customer in town.
  • We uplift the lives of the Filipino community through entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities to improve their way of living.
  • We impact the cities and towns we are in by boosting the local economies, enhancing the Filipino urban and rural life.
Core Values - P.R.I.N.C.E.

Positive Outlook

  • We are a hopeful bunch. We are not easily discouraged.
  • Full of energy and enthusiasm, generating positively good vibes.
  • Always aim for the goal, and we keep moving forward.
  • Self-motivated and pro-active.
  • Confident of ourselves and our team.
  • Positive outlook is not blindness, not escaping problems, not being apathetic. It is accepting reality no matter how bad it is, moving forward knowing we can do better. It is accepting our faults whenever we fall. We lessen the pain, laugh and move on. It begins with a positive and right heart.

Result Driven

  • We always go for results. We are a people who make things happen.
  • We are driven individuals who know our purpose, and do everything possible to achieve our goals and targets.
  • Our performance is measured by objective and quantifiable results.
  • We rely on communication, coordination, and cooperation (3 C’s) with the entire team in order for us to achieve objective results.


  • Honesty, fairness and justice are basic virtues we uphold to live a happy and consistent life.
  • Honesty in words and deeds. We say what we mean. We do what we say.
  • In all our dealings, we try to give each one his due. We are just and fair in all our transactions.
  • Without honesty and integrity, TRUST will be difficult to apply. We can tolerate mistakes and failures but NEVER ABUSES.
  • Integrity holds us consistent and united within. It holds us firmly rooted to the ground.
  • Ultimately, the main source of integrity is the ONE TRUE GOD.


  • Green is life. Green is sustainable. Green is ecologically-friendly.
  • We bring life to our team, to our community, to our region, to our country.
  • We are innovative, creative and resourceful. We always find creative and cost-effective ways to make things happen.
  • We are young, dynamic, and fresh with ideas and technologies that are unique to the industry.
  • We are fast growing, expanding as we plant seeds and continually nurture them to give value to the world.

Customer Centric

  • Our customer is King – without them, there is no Prince. They are the reason for our existence and our people consistently and continually find ways to serve and delight them.
  • We care for our customers and their families.
  • Customers feel at home in Prince. It is their second home.
  • From start to the end of their shopping, from the customer’s entrance to exit, they are delighted.
  • Inside the Prince organization, as a support unit, we treat our line units as our internal customers that must be served, must be delighted.

Extra Mile

  • We go beyond what is required of us in our job description.
  • We anticipate what people need and want without being asked.
  • It is a standard of excellence in all that we do.
  • It is not merely doing things, but doing things well.
  • It is giving until it hurts.
  • It is everything you said PLUS EXTRA. Extra hours, extra time with employees, extra bonding, extra sales, extra service, extra effort… and the ordinary things become extra-ordinary.
  • We go beyond ourselves, beyond our comfort zone.
  • We are ordinary people who do things extra-ordinarily.

Founded in 1990 by Robert Lim Go, Prince Retail Group was formerly known as Prince Warehouse Club, Inc. as a chain of retail and wholesale stores based in Cebu City, Philippines. Prince opened their pioneering branch at the North Reclamation Area by converting a warehouse into a store with a single cash register initially selling glassware, kitchenware, plastic ware and other household items. A year later, due to growing demand from customers, Prince Warehouse Club expanded into selling grocery items, gaining a wider range of customers and wholesalers.

After three years, in 1993, they opened their second store at A.C. Cortes, Mandaue City in Cebu, building a bigger store. It was again a successful venture, and was later assigned to Robert’s brother, who is now separately and independently managing the Prince Warehouse Club – Mandaue group chain of stores.

In an effort to continually uphold even higher customer satisfaction, Prince Retail Group’s (Prince Warehouse Club) Sari-Sari Store Society (SSS) was organized, which soon became instrumental in empowering sari-sari store owners who shopped at Prince to grow and be competitive in their neighborhoods where they opened shop. It is now known as the Prince Royalty Program.

In the next few years, other programs to uplift the livelihood opportunities of customers were created to further improve the services that Prince offers to its customers. Over the years, the company also expanded its product lines to include furniture, appliances, school and office supplies, garments and footwear and many more to complete its whole range of products.

To date, Prince has rebranded to become PRINCE HYPERMART and is known to be a one – stop shop known for its wide variety of affordable Grocery/Supermarket, General Merchandise, and Department Store items with various added services for customers in town. Thriving on a strong commitment to serve the Filipino market, Prince continues to offer affordable prices for the quality merchandise they sell in any city, town or municipality they are located in.

With the well-educated and driven second generation, the founder’s children now occupy key management positions in the organization. The Prince Retail Group has since then, transitioned from the traditional to the dynamic, modern and professional corporation they are today, which is now mainly composed of young professionals driven to expand their footprint in the Philippine retail industry. Prince Hypermart stores are now using unique green technology, and the organization upholds the “Base of the Pyramid initiative”, which focuses on serving Filipinos at the grassroots level in urban and rural areas; those economically located at the base of the pyramid.

Today, Prince Hypermart is present all over the Philippines with stores in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; mainly focused in underserved rural and island regions around the country.

As the Prince Retail Group of companies continues to grow and expand, they uphold the empowerment of their total workforce through a strong adherence to its values and commitment to render the best and most personalized customer service while being a household name for quality affordable merchandise to the communities they serve. As one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, Prince Hypermart continues to widen their reach to every Filipino in every town to achieve their ultimate mission of serving the underserved.